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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Only in mumbai: love nests in mangroves

Entrepreneur finds new use for mangroves, carving out cosy spaces which he rents by the hour. Free mosquito coils thrown in for good measure, lest lovers are interrupted at first bite.
The unquenchable demand for private spaces in Mumbai and the city's legendary entrepreneurial spirit have combined to turn mangroves in Navi Mumbai into lovers' secret chambers.

Early on Friday evening, the Vashi police busted eight to ten make-shift shelters set deep inside the mangrove jungle abutting Mini Chowpatty, a popular hangout of Navi Mumbai, that were being rented out to couples in search of a few moments of privacy.
The rates charged were reasonable - Rs 100 per hour with a mosquito coil free, because swarms for mosquitoes often joined frisky partners in the frenzy.
These shelters were located 10 to 15 metres deep into the mangroves just off Mini Chowpatty's popular jogging track with narrow, tunnel-like paths leading to the sex pads.
Surrounded by mangroves and some clumsily collected foliage from all sides, the 10 feet-by-10 feet bald patches had thermocol blocks covered by flex posters as beds.
You could be jogging and inside there in the mangroves it could be the Italian PM with all his bunga bunga girls and would not see a thing.
The unusual activity - couples disappearing into the mangroves and a tout collecting money - however caught this reporter's attention early on Friday evening.
A little investigation, a walk around the mangroves and a conversation with the tout revealed the racket and also a couple startled by the intrusion.
When the matter was reported to Senior Inspector, Vashi, Raosaheb Sardesai, he sent a raiding party to the spot and rounded up five couples. The tout, however, managed to slip away.

Mini Chowpatty is popular with residents of Vashi, Nerul, Belapur and Ghansoli nodes.
People from all walks of life frequent the creek-front to relax in its gardens, jog or enjoy a speed boat/pedal boat ride.
That this leisure spot was turned into a sleazy make-out joint by touts taking advantage of young couples’ need for privacy has come as a shock to the residents of the area.

People also questioned how these love shacks were allowed to be constructed in the first phase. “This clearly involves hacking of mangroves and then dumping debris to level the ground.
Where were the cops and the municipal authorities when all this was being done,” said a resident of Vashi who did not wish to be identified.
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Friday, December 31, 2010

A secret door of dance bar

After several unsuccessful raids, police team finds secret door to hidden section of a dance bar only to be confronted by ferocious guard dogs, suicidal bar dancers

What should have been a routine raid for an experienced posse of police personnel, turned out to be a scene from a James Bond flick.

The police were watching Duru Bar, a notorious bar in the Ulhasnagar area, for sometime. Each time they conducted a raid, they came up with nothing to present in court.

Each time the bar was raided, the dancers used the secret passage behind an unused refrigerator to disappear within seconds
On entering the secret tunnel and ascending the stairs to the terrace, the police team was attacked by two ferocious Dobermans

Cornered on the terrace, the dancers were prepared to jump off rather than get arrested.
After seven unsuccessful raids by Smita Pathak, ACP, Ambernath division, at the bar over the past three months, and two futile raids by senior inspector Deepak Kurulkar during the same period, Duru bar continued business since no incriminating evidence could be found to press charges.
Following the raids, the bar owner filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court alleging police harassment and stating that the only entertainment at the Duru bar was an orchestra and not dance bar as suspected.
When questioned, inspector Kurulkar informed the court that he had raided Duru Bar on orders from Police Commissioner SPS Yadav.
The case was still unsolved and Commissioner Yadav decided to use the oldest trick in the book he used an informer, posing as a client, all the while passing on vital information of how the bar owners and his clients were evading the dragnet.
Acting on information that several policemen, politicians and bookies were being entertained by bar dancers while gambling, the police team decided to conduct the raid.
Tip-off and raid
Thane police commissioner SPS Yadav and his experienced team had conducted several raids in the past; however, nothing could have prepared them for what happened next.
According to one officer, the drama unfolded around midnight when the squad headed by Assistant Commissioner of Police VM Rathod raided the bar, but unknown to them, someone had tipped off the bar workers about the raid.
Drama begins
Their initial search within the bar came up with nothing incriminating; however the informer posing as a client, confirmed the presence of a large number of clients of questionable character.
After a thorough search, the police team discovered a secret doorway concealed behind an unused refrigerator that led through a wall, which then led to a staircase.
It was through this door that the bar girls had managed to slip away seconds before the raid began.
Woof alert
The police team rushed to the terrace and was soon halted in its tracks by two menacing Dobermans. One team member was almost mauled by the ferocious dogs.
The drama continued after the cops managed to subdue the dogs and they realised, to their horror, that five bar dancers were balanced precariously on the fourth storey terrace wall and were threatening to jump off if attempts were made to arrest them.
After much convincing, Rathod and his men managed to get the dancers to come down from their dangerous perch.
During the round up after the raid, 27 bar girls and 72 clients were arrested. "We have arrested 27 bar girls and several customers including the bar manager," said Rathod.
"Yes, it is true that the police team encountered fierce dogs on the terrace," he added.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Massage parlour in Mumbai running sex center

Massage parlors in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai now a days operating as saloon and spa kind of business actually providing sex services to customers.
You can find their ads freely in news paper.
Police has raided one Massage parlor in Mumbai Center on 16-Dec

According to sources, they sent in a decoy as a customer to confirm the activities at Affluent Salon and Spa at Santoshi Mata Co-Operative Housing Society, Mumbai Central.

After a confirmation, a team led by Inspector Anil Naik (SS Branch) and PSI Sudhakar Deshmukh (Nagpada police) raided the parlour and arrested five women and recovered Rs 3,500.

However, the owner of the parlour was missing. Investigations revealed that the owner, a woman, had obtained a licence to run a beauty parlour but operated a sex racket through it.

The police said that once the girls identified 'special customers' they offered 'special services', which were different type of massages.

It is clearly understood Massage Parlors have taken place of Dance Bar and Ladies Bar in Mumbai

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Adoption centres say increasing number of unwed couples bringing in babies

If what adoption centres say is anything to go by, the city is fast becoming a place where teenage pregnancies are on the rise.

Adoption centres in the city say that they have had cases of teenagers including college students in live-in relationships approaching them with unwanted love children. At Society of Friends of Sassoon General Hospital (SOFOSH) there have been three to four such cases in the 3-6 months Three months ago, an engineering college couple approached them with their child.

"It is sad and shocking but it is true that such cases have happened recently. It is a worrying scenario because these students are educated, have access to information and also resources like chemists and doctors to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Yet there have been cases, where they had reached a stage when the pregnancy could not be terminated and they did not want the child," said Madhuri Abhyankar, director of SOFOSH.

Live-in couples

She gave the example of a recent case where a young couple from a popular engineering college came to the centre and said that they wanted to put their unborn child up for adoption. The couple was in a live-in relationship and did not want to inform their parents or get married. In another case, a medical student couple was in a live-in relationship. The couple, which is expected to get medical degrees next year, gave up the child for adoption immediately the day after he was born.

Abhyankar said that couples often come to them after the fifth month of pregnancy, after which termination becomes risky. "First we counsel them to confide in their parents and get married. However because of certain societal pressures if they cannot do so then we help them get enrolled in a hospital to have the childbirth as they find it difficult to do so. As soon as the baby is born, it is taken into our care. Although we have been requesting the birth mothers to come and at least breast feed their child," said Abhyankar.


Counsellors at adoption centres too have had a few stray cases. At Koregaon Park's Bhartiya Samaj Seva Kendra too, there have been cases of college students coming to them with problems of unwanted pregnancies. "It is shocking because these kids are so young. But the centre has been trying to help them out. Even the couples go through an emotionally tough time giving up their children at such a young age," said a volunteer.

Gynaecologists agree that unwanted teenage pregnancies are on the rise in the city.

"The main problem is that youngsters depend on the morning-after pill which can have its own failure rate.

There have been cases of youngsters coming to us at a late stage of pregnancy stating that despite having the emergency pill they became pregnant. And because they are so young, they keep quiet until it is too late as they feel shy to consult doctors," said gynaecologist Dr Uma Wankhede.

Psychiatrist Dr Jyoti Shetty said part of the problem is lack of sex education at a young stage of life.

"Teenagers need to be taught basic sex education at school level itself so that youngsters are aware of contraception and even remedies if unwanted pregnancy occurs. Rather than being judgemental, parents should have open discussions and connect with their children. If such a situation arises, kids can confide in them. And most important if kids are living away from home, parents should know what they are up to and be in touch with them," she said.

Source - Mid-day

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mrs Dhoni (Sakshi) having fun in club party !!!

Before wedding pictures of wife of Indian Cricket Captain MS Dhoni
I have read about Dhoni as he is non drinker and smoker
While his wife can be seen as smoking, drinking and having fun with some guy in some club party!!!
Got these picture from Mid-day site

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mobile camera planted in ladies toilet of McDonald in Thane

Shilpa Korpade a resident of Thane when wanted to visit McDonald's toilet the housekeeping staff asked her to wait while they clean the toilet, when she went into toilet she noticed a blinking light above AC duck that was Mobile phone on with video record mode.

The accused staffer Sachin Waghmare, 26 is absconding right now and case has been filed. There is big questions if how many such video has been recorded and will be floating all around.
An other big question I had even if a woman remain adult can catch instrument like cell phone but how about as there are min micro camera easily available in Market, it is very difficult to identify such camera.