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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Critical dating mistakes women make… or that unintentional drama of errors.

You may think you are doing fine on a date but encounter an unexpected setback…Here are eight of the most common mistakes women make…

Over-aggression - If you’re a real go-getter at work, you’re most likely using the same tactics that worked in your professional life. This doesn’t mean you should pretend to Not have those characteristics.
Be proud of them…they played a big part in shaping you into the strong woman that you are. But let it take a backseat when you enter the realm of relationships.

‘Cinderella’ complex - sometimes, it feels like we’ve found our soul mate after a couple of exciting dates. It isn’t necessary to define the parameters of a relationship (the “Are we or aren’t we a couple?” question) so soon.Enjoy each other’s company learn all you can about him. If the feeling is mutual, there’ll be no question of a committed relationship happening later on down the road. Wait until those initial euphoric feelings have lessened before you start picking out rings.

Commitment-phobia - It may be that things are progressing too quickly in the relationship, and you’re a little freaked out. Or perhaps you can’t shake off the nagging suspicion that there’s a better deal out there somewhere.
What ever the reason, ask yourself why you’re in serious relationship when you are so obviously not ready. Is it pressure from family and friend? Are you afraid of being hurt? Getting to the underlying cause of the problem makes it easier to solve it.

Hitting sack immediately – If you are looking for a serious relationship… Give it sometime before you slip between the sheets. Having sex with someone right off the bat, emphasizes the physical attraction and down place the emotional aspects.

Remember. Great sex doesn’t equal a great relationship and you can’t make someone love you by being easy.

Just move on – May be there’s someone you are dying to date. That he has demonstrated that he doesn’t feel the same way about you, or he just isn’t responsive advances. Muscling your way into his life isn’t going to help you win him over. Don’t while away the hours… hoping he will come around.

Opposite goals in life – Opposite may attract… that’s fine when it comes to trivial issues. But is important you find out your mate’s biggest goal and dreams and measure them against yours. In the early stages of a relationship, you are infatuated and easily overlook crucial issues.
You believe love can overcome anything. But you don’t want to find yourself in a deep and committed relationship and suddenly realized that neither of you is willing to change your goals to match the others.

Seeking mister perfect - Never have high standard when it comes to choosing your man. Have a clear idea of what you want in a mate… but be flexible. If you can’t seen to find the right guy, you may be to particular.Does he really have to be a six footer with black hair and blue eyes? Maintain your standard but try to keep it realistic.

Settling for less – On the other hand don’t be tempted to settle into a less-than-ideal relationship simply for the security it efforts. You can really sell yourself short by adapting the ‘at least, I’m not single’ attitude. You are only cheating yourself out of a successful relationship.


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