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Sunday, April 19, 2009

An american girl was gang rapped by six boys

The news came on 17th Apr 2009 that a 23-year old student of Tata Institute of social sciences was gang-rapped by six friends on Saturday night. The girl was an american national but Indian origin as per the news she was staying in TISS hostel only as she was there in India to do a four month course at TISS.
As per the police all the guys belongs to a good family and study in top colleges in Mumbai. What I got from news that this girl did initially not know these boys, while she was invited on a drink party in a bar at Devanr, Chembur by one her female friend, who is also from US. After party her female friend actually left for her place but she went along with these guys to Marol as she wanted to meet some of her friend in Andheri and as per her she was taken to some house in Marol and she was gang raped during night by these guys I feel you all must have read this news but here I have few questions
1. I am not sure after so much of drinks why this girl wanted to go Andheri with unknown guys, while her female friend has actually left after the party?
2. She says that she realized in the morning that she has been raped whole night, which means she was not in sense during night and was absolutely drunk. If that was her condition why her female friend left her with these guys allowed her to go to Andheri in such a condition?
3. As per the guys the girl also wanted to have sex and co-operated, while later she filed complaint for the rape.
4. In this situation it is difficult to entirely blame these guys only; who may lost their entire carrier if they are punished for the rape. The bigger question is how a girl can drink with unknown people in such a way that she goes out of her senses and then how she can agree to go with these guys to such a far place?
Even some time back also I heard the news that a foreign national girl was gang rapped. Every other day we find the news of rape. This is the time when society should find the root cause of this issue other we may keep punishing of so many people for this crime and there of will be many victims of this crime. What I feel there are two ways we can make the changes in our society
Either we go back in old days, when a girl has number restriction. She used to wear the cloths to cover entire body. She was not supposed to make friend with boys. She was not allowed to be out of home alone after evening hour etc etc. She had to leave her study in the early age and she used to get married in the early age.
We get advanced like society in western country. In such case prostitution should be legally allowed in the country under certain rules and regulation. So that people get place to release the pent up energy.
Even what I observe in Mumbai after getting this dance bar banned such cases have increased. I don’t know what we are trying to stop and what kind of culture we are trying to maintain. If we are trying to ban prostitution in the country, please answer ourselves have we been successful in stopping that in so many years. If some parents get worried as their son may also go for a prostitute, if this get legally allowed in the country. I say here bigger worry should be what if he gets filed for some rape case and becomes a criminal.

By Deepak Thaper

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Tool smith said...

Many dance bars in Mumbai are still operating with live orchestra; and waitresses are there to serve the food and drinks. Apart from these waitresses there are few more girls can bee seen standing or talking to customers, these girls are the actual bar-girls who used to perform dance before the ban on dance bars. Many of the girls are now entered into flesh-trade; here are several bars in Mumbai where there are hotel rooms/lodges exactly above the bar. Here I have found a snap of such bar, click here. . Trafficking is the major issue originated by such kind of joints. Girls are trafficked from Bangladesh, Kolkata, and from some parts of Delhi, and Rajasthan. Girls from poor family and easily accept the offer to work in Mumbai and finally land up into the hands of these bars. Most of the times there is a middle-man; who eats almost all the money earned by the girls in the beginning. All this can be stopped if the Govt. can remove ban on dance-bars and allow the dance performance. This should be accompanied with some strict rules about the time-limit, code of conduct, and some security to the bar-girls. All the girls working in such bars should undergo scanning to find out all the possible causes of trafficking and the people responsible for it.